Frequently Asked Questions


Am I allowed to bring extra luggage?

Extra luggage is subject to extra fees. To make sure, check the cost of extra baggage before the travel to avoid any surprises.

What is my baggage allowance?

Every airline has a different policy for baggage allowances in domestic and international flights. Please refer to your electronic ticket for baggage allowances.


Can the dates be changed on my ticket?

For some tickets, routing changes are not allowed by airlines. In that case, you can cancel those tickets and reschedule them with a fee for the same routing whenever required within 6-12 months depending upon the booking classes of tickets. Alternatively, you can request for a refund if the ticket is refundable and purchase a new ticket. The ticket has to be unused in order to receive a refund. But if the ticket is nonrefundable, then you can only reschedule it with a penalty and fare difference for different dates.

What if I don’t hear from you after I have made the booking request?

We respond to all booking requests within an hour. However, our emails may be filtered out by some Spam programs which is why you should your Junk folders to be sure. If you do not receive a response from us,please contact us at 1-833-764-2500 or 403-764-2500 or email us at In case of any urgent airline ticket request or last-minute travel, book your ticket online and call us to ensure timely delivery of the electronic tickets through email.



When can I cancel my reservation if I’m not travelling?

You must cancel or change your reservation as soon as you decide that you are not travelling. To be on the safe side, it should be done at least 24 hours in advance before the date of departure. Some tickets will not have any value after departure for NO SHOW and cannot be used or rescheduled for different dates even with penalty.



How can I contact InstaTravels?

You can contact us by calling our Toll-Free Number 1-833-764-2500 or 403-764-2500 or by email to


Are senior citizens able to obtain discounts?

Airlines are no longer providing discounts to senior citizens.


Can a minor be unaccompanied during a flight?

Some airlines allow minor children to be alone with an escort service but this may cost additional fees. Please call us or check with the airlines before buying tickets for minors travelling alone.

Do airlines allow name changes on airline tickets?

Name changes are not allowed under any circumstances. Please call us immediately before 10 p.m.  Eastern Time on the same day if you notice your ticket has an incorrect name and we will help you book other tickets based on the availability at that time. In these circumstances, $20 will be charged towards extended cancellation fees.

How can I earn a free airline ticket?

Airlines provide air miles if you travel certain miles and you can get free tickets because of that. However, taxes will be payable on those tickets. The number of air miles needed to earn a ticket differs between carriers. To earn air miles, ensure that you provide the information to travel consultants or at the time of check-in.

How may I obtain a frequent flyer number?

Please set it up online with the choice of your carrier.


How to find cheap flight tickets?

Consider the following to receive cheap flights / airline tickets / discounted airfare / airplane tickets:


Book your airplane tickets as soon as you have made the plan to travel so that you can purchase cheap flight tickets. Airlines have categorized the same class of tickets in different sub-classes to maximize their revenue. For this reason, once the lower booking classes are fully booked, you will have only one option to book the same tickets at higher prices. After your plan to travel has been made, you can either book your tickets online at or call our travel consultants at 1-833-764-2500 / 403-764-2500 to get you the best flight deals.


Book your tickets after midnight to find the best airfare deals. Normally, travel agents have multiple tickets on hold for their customers until midnight. However, if their customer does not confirm the booking, then the booking gets cancelled automatically at midnight and lower booking classes are made available at reduced prices.


Be flexible in your travel plan and plan your travel during the off season to get the best flight deals / discounted flight tickets. Sometimes you can get cheaper airline tickets / cheap fares if you travel during the mid-week.


We have seasonal airfare deals from most of the world’s major airlines and travel suppliers. If you are looking for these deals, please contact us at 1-833-764-2500 or 403-764-2500 and we will find you the best airfare deals. Airlines provide special airline fares / unpublished airline fares to Travel Agents. These tickets are then sold on the phone. You can get discounts as high as $200 per airline ticket on last minute tickets.


Compare flight tickets between different airlines because travel agents provide the best deals as they have access to all the special airfares of the airlines.

I am ready to book my ticket. What should I do?

You may book your ticket online at or Call us at 1-833-764-2500 or 403-764-2500 or e-mail us at with the following details:


  • Full passenger name(s) as per your passport in the format (Last Name/First Name/Middle Name) or (Last Name/First Name) or ID issued by any government.
  • Dates you wish to travel (let us know if you have any flexibility) and how long you want to stay.
  • Contact phone number.
  • E-mail ID
  • Travel via USA or not in the case of international travel
  • If a passenger does not have a first or last name then please call at 1-833-764-2500 or 403-764-2500 and one of the travel consultants will assist you to book your tickets.
  • Date of Birth and address information is required before ticket is issued
What does my airfare quote include?

All amount included in and no additional amount will be charged beyond quoted amount.

What if I have special requests?

Please call us for any special request such as Wheelchairs or special foods or any other requests.


What is a frequent flyer number?

A frequent flyer number is the account number that the airline of your choice provides you to accumulate air miles every time you travel.


What is the information required to open a frequent flyer account?

1.      Full name

2.      Home address

3.      Telephone number


What should you do if you miss the flight?

In this situation, you should go to the airport and check with the airline and see whether or not they can accommodate you with a different flight. Sometimes, they are able to accommodate you without any penalties or they may charge you with a rescheduling penalty depending on the situation.

What types of documents are required for air travel?

Domestic Flights – Valid Driver License or Passport or any other government issued photo ID. In some countries, you need to have a valid passport even for domestic travel. In order to make sure, please check the airlines for the requirements before you travel. Alternatively, you can call us and we will try to provide you the information.


International Flights – For international flights, a passport and a valid visa are required. To make sure, please check if you need a visa for your final destination or transit visa. Our agents are not responsible for the information regarding visa. Also, the validity of your passport should be more than six months for international travel. Otherwise, most airlines will not allow you to board the flight.


Transit Visa – If you are flying via the United States, then you need a US visa or Canadian passport. Else airlines will not allow you to board the flight. Also, if you are flying via the United Kingdom, then you much need either a UK visa or a Canadian PR/Passport to travel. Please check the below link for the travel document requirements. This information is from a third party, which means that we are not responsible for the information presented in this link. Please use caution when using any third-party sources.
Chick here to check visa information.


When should I make a reservation?

You should book the flights as soon as the dates are finalized. Also, if your dates are flexible then there are more chances that you will get the cheapest airfare. Over 90% of cases you will end up paying more if you delay your booking.


Can I purchase insurance for my trip?

Yes, you can. Please call our travel adviser for insurance purchase at 1-833-764-2500 or 403-764-2500.


Are there any additional charges or hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. The quoted amount will be the only thing that is charged in one or multiple transactions. There are zero credit card fees and zero booking fees.


Do I have to pay the full price immediately?

Flight Booking – We mostly sell discounted flight tickets or excursion fare tickets which requires upfront purchase. Also, prices are not guaranteed unless the ticket is issued. For this reason, it is advisable to buy a ticket with full payment to avoid cancellation of booking or fare increase.


Vacation Package – Some vacation packages can be purchased by making a partial payment and the full payment has to be made within the stipulated time by the providers.

How can I pay for the tickets?

You may use:

Cash/Debit/Credit cards subject to the Debit/Credit Card policy of the Airlines
For credit card payments, a credit card must be in the name of one of the passengers traveling in the same itinerary. Otherwise, the credit card holder must provide a front and back copy of the credit card along with two copies of government issued photo ID’s and sign the Credit Card Authorization Form to fax it to 1-833-710-0900.


How is my credit card information protected during online purchases?

We safeguard to protect your information. In fact, your sensitive information via the website is protected both online and offline. Wherever we collect sensitive information (such as credit card details), it is encrypted and transmitted to us in a very secure way. You can verify this by looking for a closed lock icon at the bottom of your web browser or looking for “https” at the beginning of the address of the web page. While we use encryption to protect sensitive information transmitted online, we also protect your information offline.

Is my ticket refundable?

Most of the discounted/cheap tickets are non-refundable. However, if you book online, then you will receive information at the time of purchase. Alternatively, you can check with travel consultants to see whether the tickets are refundable or not.

What if I do not have a credit card?

Contact your travel consultant via email/telephone and you will be advised on other payment options. We also offer multiple payment options including INTERAC e-Transfers and Direct bank deposits.


What is the penalty for cancelling/refunding/rescheduling airline tickets?

It varies depending on the airline/region. Please check with the travel consultants if you need information relating to cancelling/refunding/rescheduling airline tickets.

When will my credit card be charged after a purchase?

Your card will only be charged once after the booking is confirmed either online or through travel consultants and will be charged exactly as quoted. For online booking, system will authorize for the ticket value on the credit card to ensure that you have credit card limit available to purchase airline tickets. This authorization amount mayor may not be equal to the price quoted. However, actual charges will be only at the time of ticket issuance. But, if we are unable to confirm your booking as quoted, you will not be charged. Sometimes, there is a possibility that the ticket cannot be issued after deducting quoted discount on flight tickets. In those circumstances, we will refund the discount amount via email transfer within 48 hours.

Will my credit card be charged once or multiple times?

We will try to charge the total amount in one single transaction. However, there are circumstances where your credit card may be charged multiple times up to the total quoted amount. Under no circumstances, credit card charge will exceed the quoted amount.